Bear Spray Is Important For Outdoor Experience

The best way to protect yourself during an outdoor experience is to bring along bear spray. Most people who make the mistake of approaching a bear, especially with cubs, are not prepared with the bear spray. This can be a very expensive mistake since it can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost income and ruined opportunities. Also, bears are extremely intelligent creatures and they can use their sense of smell to determine a visitor’s direction. So by eliminating glare from bears you should be able to go farther and more safely.

Usually people who decide to go to areas populated by bears are those who are taking the children or newlywed couples on a camping trip. Bears are less afraid of people than those who have children, but you still need to take bear spray with you. Having the pepper spray available will enable you to immediately repel a bear. When you are camping, you will not always be by a lake, but by a forest. In all probability, you will be in the woods, but there are ways to get their attention. While you may have to initially baffled by the bear’s ignoring you, but then you will see their eyes directed towards you. This can spark a positive experience, but you must be prepared before going into the woods.

Pepper spray when used properly is not dangerous, but the last thing you want to happen is that it gets out of your hands and into the eyes of a bear. This is the main reason that bear spray is so important. I have read accounts of people who used the bear spray and found it to be no more than a irritant to the bear.

People who have already been mauled by bears sing the same song that the bear used to injure them, so be warned. The bear’s song is also rather irritating to humans. Bears are incredibly intelligent creatures who can perceive a person’s intentions on a basic emotional level. Therefore, although you want to enjoy the experience of coming face to face with a bear, the last thing you want to do is annoy a bear with your presence.

If you are going to be camping in an area where there are known bear populations, it is wise to take along bear spray. Also, the last thing you want to do is go off the trail and attract a bear.

However, if you are camping in an area where there are likely bear populations, it is not a good idea to carry bear spray. The best deterrent of a bear attack is surprise. So, unless you are in a place where you are guaranteed not to encounter a bear, it is not a good idea to think about using the bear spray.

If you are actually attacked by a bear, the first rule to do is not panic. The bear is normally a very shy animal, and will only attack if feeling threatened or protecting its cubs. Bears will usually not attack unless they are protecting their cubs, which is not usually the case with human couples. If you panic, you may trigger the bear’s predatory responses of moving faster, smelling blood, and attacking.

Always be prepared. If you are planning on cooking your food or eating it, be sure to have a container open and ready to receive the contents. A good tip is to put your cooler inside a bag and hang it from a tree. Legs and feet of the bag should be sticking out the other side, similar to a water casing. Put your food in a bag and hang another one about arm’s length. You can then pull your bag away from your body if the bear should try to attack you.

Having Guard Alaska bear spray and a good tent will greatly increase your chances of staying alive in situations involving a bear. Treat every campsite you visit with the sameicum of respect as you would your child or pet. Be aware of your surroundings and what is happening around you. Give the appropriate respect to the wildlife surrounding you.

Although bear spray will help you avoid a direct confrontation with a bear, hopefully one will attack you. Therefore, be prepared with your Alaska fishing gear and know how to use it properly as well. Learn every beck and call in the wilderness of the state, and have the necessary equipment to help protect you and your loved ones.

Please be aware of your surroundings and the wildlife in your campsite, and do not attract the bears. Do not feed the wildlife. Just because they do not have claws does not mean they are dogs or have the behavior of a stray. They are naturally afraid of people, even when they are not. Like people, wild animals are natural wonders to see in their natural habitat. Due to man’s closeness to the fact that bears rarely attack, making noise with bells, yelling, rock throwing or suddenSPLASHing on the rocks surrounding the campsite, can scare a bear back into the campground.